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WIKILEAKS BREAKING NEWS: $10 Billion Lost in Haiti and Dems Want Clinton Foundation in Puerto

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See this BBC report "A lot of Haitians are not big fans of the Clintons, that's for sure." - under Clinton Foundation co-management 90% of US$13.3bn raised did not go to organizations in Haiti READ THE BOOK TODAY!!! BOOK #3 in the But Her Emails Series, THE AWANS and DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ is out! Espionage, data transfer violations, offsite secret servers, just like #ClintonEmails Share everywhere! This is the only book out detailing the story of #AwanBrothers!!! SUPPORT H. A. ON PATREON: BUY eBOOK #2 IN SERIES: BUT HER DELETED EMAILS! OUT NOW ON AMAZON! BUY...
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