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Matthew Whitaker: Corruption runs scared

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Support me on Patreon! (THANK YOU!!) Paypal: Follow me on socials: Twitter/Gab/Bitchute/Dtube/Steem: @Tracybeanz Joined Trump staff in October of 2017 (10/11/2017) Article about Sessions appointment: Early case: Early Case: Sekulow: Whitaker not leaving any time soon: Why Judge Nap is wrong: Whitaker Op Ed on Comey Firing: Whitaker on Mueller probe 8/6/17 . FACT: Whitaker while at FACT TOP 5 WORST ETHICS VIOLATORS of 2015 12/13/2015 5/10/16 Read Article 5/25/16 Radio Interview about McCauliffe- CF- China 6/27/16 (Sit...
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