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Jeffrey Epstein & The Full Clinton Body Count Tweeted By Donald Trump

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Watch more about Epstein, Julian Assange, Iran, Princess Di and JFK: Watch more prison questions: Watch the true crime podcast: Support production of the true crime podcast at: Patreon: PayPal: JustGiving: Merch: Books: Wild Man T-shirts: Shaun's UK tour dates: Website: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: #clintonbodycount #epstein #clinton #trump Afterprisonshow, after prison show, Big herc, prison talk, fresh out, prison, true Geordie, shaun attwood, unilad, ladbible, Lockdown 23and1, APS, Joey Diaz, Joe Rogan, kevin spacey, chris watts, Harvey Weinstein, incels, jimmy Saville, david icke, bill cosby, surviving r...
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