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First Time Play Cat Mario - If I Scream, I Will Tell My Secrets

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Lots of overseas friends, I love TwT Thank you Goularte san for bringing new friends for me ;w;) Eu te amo~ I had fun with the game too! Sorry if I slow at making progress TwT) But I really enjoy it~ I hope you enjoy the stream as much as I do~! ????-----------------------------------------------------------???? Also, I would like to thank #Epelable who spare their receh for me~ (≧∇≦)/ Streamlabs Troops: ???? MurasakiKyuri-Hit ???? Wonten_Alesan ???? GRAVERSO ???? Superchat Troops: Johao, Swoon _, Yuzu Sensei, Fabricio Onisto, Heitor Felipe, Hourai, Shindo Ichiro, MITOMEW 1, Christian BR, Hiroshi, Caioanimesplay, Herminio Victor, zBoku...
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